In Latin FUGAM means “to flee” or “to escape”.

FUGAM is an e-commerce company specialized in angling with PECHEUR.com and hunting for CHASSEUR.com. The company has achieved € 29m revenues in 2020 and 12% growth over the past 10 years in France and Europe. FUGAM is based in Gannat in Allier with 65 people and a 3,000 m2 warehouse. FUGAM manages the broadest and deepest product offer in the market with more than 900 brands and 160,000 sku.

”ARTS ET BIENS arrival’s as the main shareholder for the company is a very ambitious step in order to accelerate growth of our two brands PECHEUR.COM and CHASSEUR.COM. For me, it is also a strong support in order the make the good strategic decisions for our future” Faustin Falcon – Chairman of FUGAM

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 2021 in FUGAM in order to extend logistics tools and to contemplate acquisitions in e-commerce.




Key figures

Founded in 2000
Sales : € 30m
Average annual growth rate for the past 10 years : +12%
# sku : 160k
Headcount : 65