€75m of assets
€2 to €15m invested in each transaction
€15m committed annually in funds
18 investments and 7 build ups executed since 2000
20% annual return on capital employed since 2005


Adrien LEVY

Adrien has experience both as an executive manager and an investor. For 14 years, Adrien Lévy has worked in the luxury and the retail sectors, as a consultant for 7 years, then as CEO of 3 portfolio companies at ARTS ET BIENS. Adrien was named Chairman of ARTS ET BIENS in 2006.


Alain’s experience is twofold, entrepreneur with LOVE BURGER and LEON DE BRUXELLES, and private equity investor at LAZARD, BANQUE DU LOUVRE, PRE IPO INVEST as well as a business angel. Alain executed over 20 investments and holds various board mandates.

Benjamin LEVY

Since 2007, Benjamin manages ABACUS CONSEIL, a wealth management advisory firm. Benjamin started his career as an auditor at ARTHUR ANDERSEN and then worked for 10 years at ARTS ET BIENS, originating, executing and following up on various investments.

François LEVY

Francois has an extensive industrial experience. He was COO of DEVANLAY ET RECOING, General Manager of COLROY, TIMWEAR, DEVANLAY ET RECOING, CEO of SAI where he executed a dozen turnaround transactions, CEO of LABORATOIRES DOLISOS and finally CEO of ARTS ET BIENS. François is the owner of the Vulsain stud farm www.vulsain.com.


Fabien brings his experience as a lawyer and investor in LBO transactions. Fabien started his career as an M&A lawyer. Fabien then spent almost 20 years in the buyout industry as a founding partner of ATRIA between 2000 and 2011 where he executed around thirty transactions, of which CAP VERT FINANCE, MC2I, TRIGO, VIADOM, CHATEAUFORM’, FPEE and ABRISUD, then as exclusive counsel for NAXICAP.


ARTS ET BIENS was founded in 1957 by Pierre Lévy in order to pass his industrial assets to his children.

The DEVANLAY group was managed and developed by Pierre Lévy from 1928 to 1971. The group was specialized in fashion and textile with LACOSTE, JILL, SCANDAL and CHESTERFIELD, and in distribution with NOUVELLES GALERIES, UNIPRIX and PRISUNIC.

In 1998, majority shareholders of DEVANLAY, led by its chairman, decided to sell the company. ARTS ET BIENS decided to turn to private equity.

Throughout this period, Pierre and Denise Lévy built a collection of paintings and sculptures. They donated their collection to the Museum of modern art of Troyes in 1976. www.musee-troyes.com

ARTS ET BIENS was successively managed by Pierre Lévy, Jean Lévy, François Lévy and Eric Lombard. Adrien Lévy was named Chairman in 2006.

François Lévy and its children are now the sole shareholders of ARTS ET BIENS. They aim to continue the work of its founder Pierre Lévy.

Pierre Levy

Magasin la Parisienne