For more than 20 years, ARTS ET BIENS have invested in private companies, either directly or through buyout funds.

We focus on BUSINESS SERVICES, DIGITAL and CONSUMMER sectors, including:

  • outsourcing
  • software, SaaS and technologies
  • food and catering
  • sports, leisure and culture
  • retail and e-commerce

Our culture is founder-oriented. We provide entrepreneurs with financial and human capital needed to support their growth.


ARTS ET BIENS invests €2M to €5M per transaction as a core shareholder.

We finance cash-in, cash-out, MBO, MBI and restructuring transactions. We benefit from a wide network of experienced managers and co-investors.

Investment criterias:

  • Partnership with management around a shared ambition
  • Strong financial incentives for the management team
  • Co-investment with entrepreneurs or investors that are sector specialists
  • Alignment of interests with managers and co-investors through a liquidity event in 5 to 7 years, with a 100% sale or recapitalization

ARTS ET BIENS’s financial strength and flexibility provides security for entrepreneurs. We help them overcome difficulties and to seize business opportunities.


We commit up to €20M a year in buyout funds with sector specialisation, in Europe and the USA. Our strong relationship with funds allows us to provide support for international growth to our direct investments.


In order to help managers make the best decisions, we share our experience along with that of our co-investors and affiliated funds:

  • Sector expertise in order to make the best strategic decisions in increasingly competitive markets
  • M&A support in order to identify targets, assess synergies, price, financing and to integrate targets
  • Digital transformation, both externally to customers and internally to enhance management tools
  • HR and organisational support in order to recruit, retain, incentivise, assess and integrate managers
  • Assessment of international opportunities, including JVs, agents franchise or partnerships
  • Restructuring to decide quickly on remedial measures and manage special situations

We never interfere with day-to-day operational decisions. We see our role as an advisory board for the founders and the entrepreneurs.