Charlotte Sultan

Secrétaire Générale

Charlotte joined ARTS AND BIENS in 2020 as General Secretary, in charge of financial management, legal, monitoring of shareholdings and investments in private equity, and member of the Investment Committee.
Charlotte spent 16 years in audit at DELOITTE and 3 years in management control at CAPITAL ONE. Charlotte is a graduate of EM Lyon.

Félix Lenglart

Investment Manager

Félix is in charge of researching, executing and monitoring investment transactions.
Félix joined ARTS ET BIENS following a 6-month internship in the company, and having spent 6-months in investment banking at CLEARWATER INTERNATIONAL.
Félix graduated from ESSCA.

Adrien Lévy


Adrien LEVY has been working for ARTS ET BIENS since 2000, firstly as an Executive Manager in its portfolio companies, and since 2006, as Chairman of ARTS ET BIENS.
Prior to joining ARTS ET BIENS, Adrien LEVY worked for 7 years at DELOITTE as a consultant focusing on organization, strategy and corporate finance in the luxury, industry and retail sectors.
Adrien graduated from Paris IX Dauphine University (Finance and Management Accounting).

Anne-Claire Boutant

Senior advisor

Anne-Claire is a member of the Investment Committee. She works on investment decisions and sourcing new opportunities. Anne-Claire spent 22 years at CHEQUERS CAPITAL including 15 years as Partner. Prior to working at CHEQUERS CAPITAL, she was working at GROUPE FLO and BOOZ ALLEN.
Anne-Claire graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston where she pursued engineer studies before an MBA.

Thierry Sonalier

Senior advisor

Thierry Sonalier is a member of the Investment Committee. He works on investment decisions and monitoring of its participations.
Thierry has an experienced background as a transformation manager in the distribution and services sectors - MARX BAKERY, JARDILAND, SFR, HABITAT, SEPHORA, CELIO, GPS and GRAND OPTICAL - and as an investor - he was co-founder of the investment firm Montefiore Investment. He sits on the supervisory board of various companies and assists managers in the transformation of their companies. He is a graduate of EDC Paris.