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DAI DAI is the Napolitan pizza specialist in Paris.

DAI DAI pizzas are prepared with fresh products imported from Italy and cooked in traditional Napolitan ovens. DAI DAI’s pizza was elected “best pizza in Paris” by POTEL & CHABOT.

At first, pizzas were served using delivery tricycles. They are now served in three restaurants, the guinguette café of the Javel harbor in the 15th district in Paris, 25 rue Oberkampf and 69 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis in Paris.

ARTS ET BIENS financed the opening of new restaurants in 2017.

« Tommasino was born in 2015 in a food truck. We met Arts et Biens in 2017 because they were interested in our unique concept and the quality of our products. The know-how of Arts et Biens was decisive and allowed us to quickly move from the food truck to the pizza corner then to a first Dai Dai restaurant in 2018 followed by a second in 2019. The human values ​​that we share are the key to success, they allowed us to reach our ambitions and get our objectives achieved » Thomas Fournier – Dai Dai chairman

Date d'investissement : 1998 et 2021

Date de sortie : Cession à Econocom en 2023

CEO : Eberhart Aust

Chiffre d’affaires : Xxxxxxx lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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