In Latin FUGAM means “to flee” or “to escape”.

FUGAM is an e-commerce company specialized in angling with PECHEUR.com and hunting for CHASSEUR.com. The company has achieved € 29m revenues in 2020 and 12% growth over the past 10 years in France and Europe. FUGAM is based in Gannat in Allier with 65 people and a 3,000 m2 warehouse. FUGAM manages the broadest and deepest product offer in the market with more than 900 brands and 160,000 sku.

”ARTS ET BIENS arrival’s as the main shareholder for the company is a very ambitious step in order to accelerate growth of our two brands PECHEUR.COM and CHASSEUR.COM. For me, it is also a strong support in order the make the good strategic decisions for our future” Faustin Falcon – Chairman of FUGAM

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 2021 in FUGAM in order to extend logistics tools and to contemplate acquisitions in e-commerce.





DAI DAI is the Napolitan pizza specialist in Paris.

DAI DAI pizzas are prepared with fresh products imported from Italy and cooked in traditional Napolitan ovens. DAI DAI’s pizza was elected “best pizza in Paris” by POTEL & CHABOT.

At first, pizzas were served using delivery tricycles. They are now served in three restaurants, the guinguette café of the Javel harbor in the 15th district in Paris, 25 rue Oberkampf and 69 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis in Paris.

ARTS ET BIENS financed the opening of new restaurants in 2017.

« Tommasino was born in 2015 in a food truck. We met Arts et Biens in 2017 because they were interested in our unique concept and the quality of our products. The know-how of Arts et Biens was decisive and allowed us to quickly move from the food truck to the pizza corner then to a first Dai Dai restaurant in 2018 followed by a second in 2019. The human values ​​that we share are the key to success, they allowed us to reach our ambitions and get our objectives achieved » Thomas Fournier – Dai Dai chairman



BOCAMEXA is a premium mexican fast food brand.

The menu is composed of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, quacamole, sauces, craft beers, etc. Products are cooked following authentic mexican recipes. They are based on fresh ingredients, sourced with great care from a selection of local suppliers and cooked at each restaurant.

There are 6 restaurants,rue Mouffetard, rue Oberkampf, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, rue de Réaumur, rue Saint-André-des-Arts, rue du Bourg-Tibourg and 1 food truck.

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 2015 and 2019 to finance the opening of new restaurants.

« I created Bocamexa in 2010 with the ambition to become an innovative and major player in Mexican food. The same year we opened the 1st Mexican fast food restaurant in France. After 5 years, it is obvious that we must rely on a partner like ARTS ET BIENS which combines finance and strategy, while keeping the essence of our profession: sharing. Since 2015, we have carried out our development up to our ambitions, and we have the same values, which are for me the key to our great history. » Julien Zattara – BOCAMEXA chairman



LE CAMION QUI FUME is one of the most famous premium burger brands in France.

The company became famous when it opened the first food truck in France. The quality of our products is of utmost importance: all ingredients are fresh and sourced with great care from a selection of trusted suppliers. The company owns 3 trucks and 3 restaurants, rue Montmartre, avenue Parmentier et in the cinema Pathé Ivry.

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 2014 and 2016 to finance a central kitchen supplying the food trucks and the opening of new restaurants.



ARTEUM SERVICES is specialized in distributing and publishing cultural and touristic products.

The company operates in around 10 shops in France and across Europe, in museums, zoos, aquariums and monuments (Opéra, Tour Eiffel, Arts Décoratifs, Invalides, Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Parc Zoologique de Paris, etc). ARTEUM SERVICES manages ecommerce websites on behalf of its partners and distributes their product offering through a network of 300 stores around the world.

By handing over the management of their store to ARTEUM SERVICES, tourist attractions outsource tasks which require real expertise (store management, product publishing and licensing, procurement or e-commerce etc.). They have no more investments to make (capex) and they improve their P&L management.

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 2017 in a growth capital round.

“The entry of ARTS ET BIENS in our capital allowed us to structure ourselves to overcome the growth level of €20m in turnover. ARTEUM has thus grown stronger thanks to new financing, organizational and management support and specific advice on retail issues. We are now ready to accelerate our growth in France and abroad.” Lorraine Dauchez – ARTEUM Founder & CEO




AQUARELLE.com group is one of the major players in online flower distribution in France, with presence in Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the United States.

Through to centralized warehouses AQUARELLE is able to deliver the same day in the Paris region, in Madrid and Manhattan and the day after in Europe and the US, while maintaining a high level of service. AQUARELLE is the only online player to send a picture of the flowers before and after delivery.

AQUARELLE’s wholly owned network 123FLEURS targets funeral and ceremony flowers.

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 1999 and 2000 in growth capital rounds to finance the development of the online distribution business.

“A long-term investor as evidenced by its history, ARTS ET BIENS also knows how to be a pioneer to assess new markets, decide and act quickly. In 1999, they were the first to join the start-up AQUARELLE, which was then only a boutique of florists, certainly ambitious and innovative, but still tiny, with the aim of challenging a century-old company established worldwide” Henri de Maublanc – AQUARELLE.com Chairman