SYNERTRADE is a SaaS plateform dedicated to procurement solutions.

SYNERTRADE’s software solutions cover the entire spectrum of procurement in a company: sourcing, supplier contracts, catalogue, invoice management, integration with suppliers, spending and performance analysis. Clients are CAC 40 or upper mid cap companies like CARREFOUR, LAFARGE, LUFTHANSA, SANOFI, METRO or SUEZ. R&D is 100% in-house.

ARTS ET BIENS invested in 2000 and 2002 in first venture capital rounds. In 2005, while the company was facing difficulties, ARTS ET BIENS was the only shareholder to reinvest in order to save the company. From 2005 to 2015 the company enjoyed an average +15% annual growth rate to reach €13m turnover.

SYNERTRADE was sold to ECONOCOM group in 2015.

« It is truly great to have ARTS ET BIENS as an investor. They are not only an active sparring partner for a management but give full access to their network and resources. They have helped me substantially on numerous issues. Especially, I appreciate their deep finance insight and their truly inspiring entrepreneurship » Eberhard AUST – SYNERTRADE Chairman

Key figures

Sales: €130m in 2015
Average annual growth: 15%
Headcount: 130